Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer '10: Cliff Notes Edition

I've been a bad, bad blogger.

Instead of stressing myself out by writing a novel about the past two months, I'll just give the cliff notes version.

This summer has been a whirwind of adventure, fun, and relaxation. Once I got back from Hawaii I had about six days at home before I boarded another airplane and went across the world in the opposite direction.

Destinaton: Sri Lanka.

This was my fourth trip to my beloved country and boy did it confirm how much I love that place and those dear people!

God rocked my world. I was reunited with some of my best friends and I can't remember the last time I exerienced that much joy. When I pulled up to Hikkaduwa (my favorite village)it felt like Christmas, my birthday, and my wedding day combined...that's how EXCITED I was! Tears of joy streamed down my face as I hugged Hashinka and Kasun and picked up Dineshika, who had grown up so much in the past three years!

What a blessing it was to be back. When I left this time, I had a peace and a strange feeling that my time there may never be "finished." For as long as I live, I want to make an effort to return to those people. This trip in particular I had a sense that I could definitely live there if God called me to. I feel more at home in Sri Lanka than I ever have in America. So anyways, I'm open to that possibility :)

Once those two weeks were over I spent time visiting family in Georgia, went to Centrifuge in Tennessee as a chaperone with my youth group, and spent the week after at Caswell for World Missions Week. Each of those experiences were wonderful and different.

This is the first full week I've actually been home so it's been nice to hang out with family, visit friends in the area and at Campbell, and just reflect on the recent and upcoming happenings in my life.

I miss Hawaii a lot, but at least flights from SFO to HNL are reasonable!

So now I'm home for a few weeks gearing up for the big move to.....San Francisco! This trip has completely crept up on me but now that it's so near I'm getting very excited. My brothers and I will be leaving the first week of August to drive across the country.

It'll be a looooong trip, but hopefully a fun adventure for the three of us. We'll stop along the way and see many States I've never seen before.

As excited as I am about going to Golden Gate, I don't know that I've fully comprehended how drasticly my life will change in a few weeks. I think it will be a good change. Just like Hawaii was. People keep asking me if I'm nervous about the move and I can honestly say that I'm not. I enjoy going new places, meeting new people, and being faced with new challenges. To me, change makes life more exciting and it causes me to rely on God more than I would if everything was comfortable.

So I'm ready to embrace a new phase of my life and discover more of who God has created me to become. I pray that He will mold me more and more every day to be more like Him.