Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's camp time!

Hi friends! Just wanted to give a quick life update. 6 days after graduating, I left for my second summer as a Fuge staffer. I received my missions training in the mountains over the weekend and on Monday, I moved into my new "home" in Nashville.

The past few days have been super busy, but such a blessing. I was placed on a team with some truly incredible people- and I've only met half of them! The rest will get here tomorrow. We have had so much time goofing off and getting to know one another. One of the best things about camp is being able to meet and become family with so many other believers.

As we have been unloading box after box and setting up camp, I can't help but thank God for the opportunity to be a part of something so amazing.

Year after year, God changes lives through Fuge camps. It was at Centrifuge as a high school student that I answered the call to missions. And how cool to be a staffer 6 years later at the same camp that God used to shape my future!

I'm praying that God will do a mighty work this summer. That lives will be changed. That the people of Nashville will see Jesus when they look at us. I'm also praying that God will use this summer to mold me and make me more like Him.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Campbell Alumna!

As of yesterday, I am officially a graduate of Campbell University. It's a weird feeling. I am mostly excited about the adventures that await me in the next few months.

This weekend was great. I was able to spend some time with friends and family and reminisce on my college years. It was kind of surreal to walk into the convocation center and see so much orange and black. It made me proud to be a Campbell Camel :) You could feel the excitement in the building. I couldn't help but think back to my very first week at Campbell when the freshman class gathered for the medallion ceremony. I remember someone telling me, "Before you know it, you'll be graduating..." I now know how true that statement was.

I was so proud as I watched my friends cross the stage and receive the degree for which they had worked so hard for 4+ years. These are the friends I've lived with, traveled with, endured classes with and come to know as brothers and sisters.

I actually made it through the whole day without getting too emotional. In fact, in the midst of the excitement of graduating and having so many people to see, I actually forgot to pick up my diploma! Oh well- hopefully they will mail it to me. I guess I won't need it in Hawaii anyways ;)

It wasn't until I got home and began reading letters from some of my friends that the tears began to flow. I have made some amazing friends at Campbell and though I know we will keep in touch, I also know that it will simply never be the same again. Some of us are moving away, some are getting full-time jobs and some are getting married. I guess you could say we're becoming real grown-ups.

That's just a tad scary. Even though I moved my tassel to the left side of my cap, I don't feel any more grown up than I did before. Luckily, I have a lot to look forward to and don't necessarily have to move straight into "adulthood."

This week I'm hanging out with family, but I'm leaving on Friday for M-Fuge! I am going to program training in the NC mountains, and then I'll head to Nashville next week. I can't believe it's already time for camp again. I can't wait to meet the staff, visit my sites, and see God at work every single day!

Hooray for ending one chapter and moving on to the next!